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April 19, 2011

Skip streams capture SCN

Filed under: streams — ora62 @ 8:16 pm

I have a nice experience on streams capture
when captures is set to grab all dml at the schema levels,
and suddenly user performed CTAS, and magically oracle
ora lucky number ORA-600 coming.

got error that capture builder has error, OK well done.
I started manually the capture process and after 10 minutes
PMON always kill capture builder process.

PMON has hidden parameter by default 10 minutes
to scan dead process.

no chance to do workaround as of metalink,
the note will state that database should be upgraded
to atleast…phiew

dong sync manualy from the latest applied SCN
and then skip capture SCN to start from
the last sync SCN :(

exec dbms_capture_adm.stop_capture(capture_name => 'AQ_CAPTURE');
delete from system.logmnr_restart_ckpt$ where spare1 < nnnn ;
exec dbms_capture_adm.alter_capture(capture_name => 'AQ_CAPTURE', first_scn => nnnn, start_scn => nnnn);
exec dbms_capture_adm.start_capture(capture_name => 'AQ_CAPTURE');

by looking at the alert log, luckily only objects belongs to sysman schema
got warning…which those are not captured.


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